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Lo Que Vendrá. Performance with Fernando Lores

It has been a slow process, but I have been challenging myself to train for stage Tango since last year. Noir City Film Festival was the perfect opportunity to show case the progress. Fernando Lores and I only had a month to prepare for this performance, but with serious work, we made the debut with a big smile! What an… Read more →

New Orleans (NOLA) Tango Festival

NOLA Tango Festival   June 16 – 19, 2016 REGISTRATION  Take advantage of the early bird discount! HOTEL RESERVATION  The rooms with the special event rate sell out quickly.  Book early! Join me at NOLA Tango Festival June 16-19!  The event takes place in the heart of New Orleans at prestige Astor Crowne Plaza hotel. Take workshops, enjoy strolling French Quarter, dance… Read more →

18th CITA Tangopal in Buenos Aires March 13-19

The 18th annual CITA takes place in Buenos Aires, March 13-19, 2016. More info and registration go to Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA) is the longest running tango meeting in Argentina since 1999.  Master teacher and dancer Fabián Salas creates and directs this renowned premier event every March in Buenos Aires (tango capital of the world) featuring top Tango… Read more →

Nora’s Tango Weekend SF July 2 – 5, 2015

Last minute registration open online for NTW at www.tangoweek! All right. I am joining the event for open to public seminars and all 4 miongas. See you there!! Here are some basic info: Dates:    July 2-5, 2015 Event:   Nora’s Tango Weekend Full festival package, One day pass, A la carte afternoon and evening workshops and seminars, Milonga package (or… Read more →


Yumiko Krupenina

I enjoyed our trip to New Orleans, and now back to home sweet home SAN FRANCISCO!

NTW starting from 7/2-5, the question was how many milongas do I want to go during the event?  Kinda expensive, right?! But I’ve already signed up for two open to public seminars (Seba y Roxana & Los Totis’ afternoon workshops. 3hrs each), plus some of my girl friends started making lots of noises making plans to crash the milongas.  OK. I am sold. Going out for all 4 nights!

Next question was how we were going to bring more SF local dancers with us. Seriously, it’s not the same with out you folks and more the merrier during any festivals.  The Good news came the next day: we managed to get the group discount for milonga entries!

So join us, people!  Let’s welcome out of town visitors and have a blast together over the July 4th weekend at NTW. For the next few days, I will keep posting some info about the events to gather us together.  Please spread the word for me!

How to get the discount?  Write to me (Yumiko) at with your full name and the night(s) you are coming, then I will put you on the VIP list. All you have to do is mention my name YUMIKO and pay $25/milonga (regular price is $35) at the reception. CASH ONLY.

Hope to see you at the milongas. Cheers!


San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront

1800 Old Bayshore Highway  Burlingame, CA 94010 USA

Here is NTW milonga info:

Milongas themes:
7/2: Welcome Milonga (Pink & Black)   9pm-1am –  DJ Kenny from Sacramento, CA
7/3: The 40’s Night – Wear a Hat!          9pm -2am – DJ Emilio Flores from SF
7/4: Black & White Gala Milonga – 18th Anniversary Celebration    9pm – 2am  – DJ Emilio Flores from SF
7/5: The Masquerade Ball – Closing Milonga      9pm – 1am – DJ Yuling Chen from SF

The Shows:
7/2: Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo
7/3: Los Totis – Virginia Gomez & Christian Marquez
7/4: All the Masters
7/5: Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval

The Orquestra – Seth Azarnow & su Sexteto Tipico on 7/3 and 7/4




Yumiko Krupenina

Beginners Intensive Workshop 4: Continuity and embellishments

Time flies when we are having a blast!  Last workshop of the 4-day series.  Joe Yang reviewed the practical ways to combine the figures you have learned last three days.  Emphasis on connections, the balance, followers embellishments, and the music.  Now, you are ready to explore your creative side and have fun on the dance floor.

Great job everyone!  Thank you all for joining the workshops. It has been a pleasure meeting you and working with you! Keep dancing and enjoying TANGO.  Till next time!!

Special Thanks to Joe Yang for trusting me to co-teach the workshops!!!  Loved working with you!

Much appreciation to NOLA Tango Festival for the opportunity to join your warm tango community.








Yumiko Krupenina

Beginners Intensive Workshop 3:  Rhythmic variations with Circular Movements

The class started with a brief review of Workshop 1 and 2: connection and rock steps, & cruzada. From cruzada, we moved on to figure 8 (ocho). Forward ocho with parada (stop) & pasada (pass) combination. Then, finally, using circular movements, we tried gancho (leg hook)!!  JOE introduced the class with a swinging leg exercise to prepare for the gancho. By the end of the workshop, we could do parada, pasada and exit or gancho and exit combination with the music. Now, we did not get to MOLINETE (turn). But enough excitement for one day!  Great job, everyone. We will continue on to our last workshop on Sunday from 11am.

Look forward to seeing you!

Workshop 3:  Rhythmic variations with Circular Movements – Excellent! 

In this workshop you will learn the foundations of turning technique, starting with the “ocho” (Figure 8).  From there, you’ll learn the “molinete,” an elegant turning figure, and ways of combining it with the material introduced in the previous classes.

Workshop 4:  Continuity and embellishments – TODAY! Sunday 11am.

For our last class, we will go over some of the many ways in which you can combine the figures you have learned.  With an emphasis on interpreting the music, you’ll have a chance to explore your creative side and have fun!


Yumiko Krupenina

Excellent first day of the 4-day workshops. Enjoyed working with Joe Yang. Way to go!  Clear and simple instruction to get the students moving in the line of dance. No figure or basic 8 counts, but most importantly, students could dance with the music by the end of the class.  Wonderful group of students. Immensely enjoying the experience. Thank you, Joe and Nola Tango Festival for the opportunity.

Tomorrow, we will teach Workshop 2 from 2pm-3:15pm.

Workshop 1:  Introduction to Fundamentals – DONE!  

The goal is to start getting you comfortable dancing socially as soon as possible!  This first workshop will focus on the fundamentals of connecting and moving with your partner.  We’ll cover basic men and women’s technique, moving to the music, improvisation, and we will give you a fun introduction to dance floor etiquette.

Workshop 2:  Rhythmic Variations with Linear Movements – TOMORROW:-)

During this session you will learn the “cruzada” (cross), one of the most important steps in tango.  We will use this figure to introduce more detailed leading/following technique, body awareness, and ways to creatively interpret the music.  We’ll also cover more floor craft strategies to avoid collisions and to walk smoothly during a milonga.

NOLA pre festival milonga!

Safely arrived in New Orleans late afternoon! Dinner meeting with my festival teaching partner, Joe Yang, and we were off to NOLA Pre Festival Milonga at Cafe Istanbul. Event hosts Lorena and Mirna welcomed us open arms and met and danced with friendly tangueros all night. Great DJ!! Music by La Bailonga Tango from Colombia, their first U.S. appearance! Pics… Read more →