Classes with Yumiko

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Private Lesson

San Francisco: Kabuki Studio.  Address: 771 Bush Street, San Francisco.

East Bay: Allegro Ballroom. Address:  5855 Christie Ave, Emeryville


Mobile:  510-393-0838 (Text OK)

Group Lessons

April 2019

4/6 (Sat) Sundown Practica at La Pista

2-3:30 Workshop (int-adv) with Ramada and Yumiko

4/16 (Tue) Progressive class at La Pista

8:30-9:30 Co-teaching with Christy Cote and Carolina Rozensztroch

Workshop at Sundown Practica        

Saturday once a month

La Pista    3450 3rd St #5H, San Francisco, CA

Workshop 2-3:30  

Guided Practica 3:30 – 6:30 

Lesson & Practica $20
Practica Only $10


Progressive Intermediate Classes at La Pista

Every Tuesday, 8:30-9:30pm

La Pista    3450 3rd St #5H, San Francisco, CA

Teaching with Christy Cote & Carolina Rozensztroch. Fun and friendly class environment.  Stay for practica from 9:30-11pm.

Register at the class or contact Christy Cote directly for more information.


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