Yumiko Krupenina

Beginners Intensive Workshop 2: Rhythmic Variations with Linear Movements 6/19/15

34 plus hard working students joined the workshops. The class moved on progressively from the rock steps, walking outside, to finally front cross (no. 5), and to exit. A big applaud to JOE YANG! Again we had a great class.

I saw the students dancing at Mardi Gras Milonga later in the evening. Super proud of you getting out on the dance floor and having a blast.

Today is our 3rd workshop. Rhythmic variations with circular movements – MOLINETE!!

See you at 3:30pm!


Workshop 2:  Rhythmic Variations with Linear Movements – We did it!

During this session you will learn the “cruzada” (cross), one of the most important steps in tango.  We will use this figure to introduce more detailed leading/following technique, body awareness, and ways to creatively interpret the music.  We’ll also cover more floor craft strategies to avoid collisions and to walk smoothly during a milonga.

Workshop 3:  Rhythmic variations with Circular Movements – Today 3:30pm!

In this workshop you will learn the foundations of turning technique, starting with the “ocho” (Figure 8).  From there, you’ll learn the “molinete,” an elegant turning figure, and ways of combining it with the material introduced in the previous classes.

Workshop 4:  Continuity and embellishments – Sunday 11am.

For our last class, we will go over some of the many ways in which you can combine the figures you have learned.  With an emphasis on interpreting the music, you’ll have a chance to explore your creative side and have fun!

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