Yumiko Krupenina

Excellent first day of the 4-day workshops. Enjoyed working with Joe Yang. Way to go!  Clear and simple instruction to get the students moving in the line of dance. No figure or basic 8 counts, but most importantly, students could dance with the music by the end of the class.  Wonderful group of students. Immensely enjoying the experience. Thank you, Joe and Nola Tango Festival for the opportunity.

Tomorrow, we will teach Workshop 2 from 2pm-3:15pm.

Workshop 1:  Introduction to Fundamentals – DONE!  

The goal is to start getting you comfortable dancing socially as soon as possible!  This first workshop will focus on the fundamentals of connecting and moving with your partner.  We’ll cover basic men and women’s technique, moving to the music, improvisation, and we will give you a fun introduction to dance floor etiquette.

Workshop 2:  Rhythmic Variations with Linear Movements – TOMORROW:-)

During this session you will learn the “cruzada” (cross), one of the most important steps in tango.  We will use this figure to introduce more detailed leading/following technique, body awareness, and ways to creatively interpret the music.  We’ll also cover more floor craft strategies to avoid collisions and to walk smoothly during a milonga.

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