Yumiko Krupenina

Beginners Intensive Workshop 3:  Rhythmic variations with Circular Movements

The class started with a brief review of Workshop 1 and 2: connection and rock steps, & cruzada. From cruzada, we moved on to figure 8 (ocho). Forward ocho with parada (stop) & pasada (pass) combination. Then, finally, using circular movements, we tried gancho (leg hook)!!  JOE introduced the class with a swinging leg exercise to prepare for the gancho. By the end of the workshop, we could do parada, pasada and exit or gancho and exit combination with the music. Now, we did not get to MOLINETE (turn). But enough excitement for one day!  Great job, everyone. We will continue on to our last workshop on Sunday from 11am.

Look forward to seeing you!

Workshop 3:  Rhythmic variations with Circular Movements – Excellent! 

In this workshop you will learn the foundations of turning technique, starting with the “ocho” (Figure 8).  From there, you’ll learn the “molinete,” an elegant turning figure, and ways of combining it with the material introduced in the previous classes.

Workshop 4:  Continuity and embellishments – TODAY! Sunday 11am.

For our last class, we will go over some of the many ways in which you can combine the figures you have learned.  With an emphasis on interpreting the music, you’ll have a chance to explore your creative side and have fun!

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