DeAngelis: Milonga Malevaje w DJ Cristian Sierra

I love DeAngelis sets, a few definitely.

At Malevaje** last night, DJ Cristian Sierra played a rarely put together DeAngelis tanda (at least, around here in the Bay Area). It brought me back to Buenos Aires, where similar tunes played towards the end of the evening after we have already finished a few bottles of Chandon…. 

I can not remember all the songs and the order that DJ Cristian played, but sounded like De Angelis with Oscar Larroca selections from 50’s…

Update:  So Cristian wrote me back!  Gracias.

  1. En tus Brazos
  2. Como nos cambia la vida
  3. Volvamos a empezar
  4. Prohibido

Absolutely fabulous listening to and dancing to each tanda continuously through out the night. Thank you, Malevaje, DJ Cristian and for all your lovely presence.



** My Thursday night milonga spot in SF is Malevaje hosted by Glenn Corteza, Ramada Salieri, and Adolfo Caszarry.**


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