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DeAngelis: Milonga Malevaje w DJ Cristian Sierra

I love DeAngelis sets, a few definitely. At Malevaje** last night, DJ Cristian Sierra played a rarely put together DeAngelis tanda (at least, around here in the Bay Area). It brought me back to Buenos Aires, where similar tunes played towards the end of the evening after we have already finished a few bottles of Chandon….  I can not remember all the songs and… Read more →


Yumiko Krupenina

What a fun night it was!

Thank you for coming to our workshop last Friday night. Glad to see the familiar faces and also pleasure meeting some of you the first time.

The class focused on sacada. It was not an easy class but everyone seems to have learned something to take home. No “ouch” nor shin breaking counted!  We all enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing away till 1am.

Big thanks to Julian and Claudia  for hosting Le Genesis milonga. Look forward to teaching at your venue again!


Le Genesis surprise exhibition with Ramada Salieri.

Le Genesis surprise exhibition with Ramada Salieri.

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